SAR Engineering provides Engineering Services with very High Quality:

  • Supply & erection of different types of industrial boilers & pressure vessels.
  • Design and erection of steam network system.
  • Technical consultations & engineering solutions for steam systems.
  • Supplying all steam network systems equipment & instrumentation's: ( steam traps, safety valves, steam valves, pressure reducing valves, water level indicator, air actuators, and much more).
  • Supplying different types of industrial pumps ( multistage water pumps, fuel pumps, chemical pumps, centrifugal pumps, and much more).
  • Design & supply of steam boiler room accessories (feed Water tank - condensate tanks, blowdown tank, softeners, and heat exchanges) & all necessary instrumentations for boiler rooms.
  • Erection & maintenance work for steam boiler & systems.
  • Steam boilers testing & Inspections with special instrumentation.
  • Yearly maintenance contract for steam boilers systems.